ThermaZone Heater-Cooler

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ThermaZoneFor therapy devices in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, and Mid-Atlantic regions contact Preventive Maintenance Medical Inc. These units are highly portable, so they can be used by the patient on their way home following surgery. They also offer disposable pads for multi-patient use, which keeps you compliant with Infection Control Procedures.

Powerful Pain Relieving Devices

ThermaZone Continuous Thermal Therapy Devices are used to aid in the healing of surgery sites in relation to orthopedic procedures. They can also be used in continuous therapy for sports related injuries.

It uses thermoelectric technology to provide heating and cooling therapy where and when you need it, without the use of ice. This means you can manage your patients’ pain, accelerate healing, reduce swelling and bruising, improve blood flow, increase the range of motion, and promote healing for a faster recovery.

ThermaZone’s Technology Treats the Total Range of Traumatology Including:

  • In-Hospital & Clinic Treatment
  • Post-Surgical Recovery
  • Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
  • Professional Physiotherapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trauma Rehabilitation
  • Private and In-Home Care
  • Pain Management

Why ThermaZone is Better Than the Rest

This product differs from the competition because it only uses two ounces of water and does not require the constant monitoring of ice to maintain cold temperatures.

Looking to buy a ThermaZone thermal therapy device? Preventive Maintenance Medical Inc. sells ThermaZone in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, and Mid-Atlantic regions because the benefits to your patients exceed expectations. Contact us today for more information.