Mac Medical OR Stainless Steel Furnishings / Scrub Sinks

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logo-mac-medicalYou can buy scrub sinks and stainless steel operating room (OR) furnishings in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, and Mid-Atlantic regions, from Preventive Maintenance Medical Inc. Our medical equipment experts can help you select the right scrub sink, cabinets, or other accessories for your needs.

PM Medical utilizes Mac Medical as our supplier of:

  • Scrub Sinks
  • Stainless Steel OR Cabinets
  • All other Stainless Steel Furnishings/Accessories

We offer Surgical Scrub Sinks that will fit any application, from single to triple basin.

Hands-Free and Knee-Operated Surgical Scrub Sinks

The Mac Medical scrub sinks have a hands-free operation with an infrared sensor for the water control, plus knee-operated soap and water switches.

Other stainless steel products include:

  • IV Stands
  • Kick-Buckets
  • Procedure Carts
  • Transport Carts
  • All other stands/shelves found in an OR suite

To buy the best scrub sink in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, and Mid-Atlantic regions, Preventive Maintenance Medical Inc. is a distributor for Mac Medical in the central Ohio area. We sell fully functional scrub sinks made with high-quality craftsmanship and the best materials and components. Contact us today for more information.