Electro-Steam Steam Generators

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Electro-SteamNeed to buy a steam generator in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, and Mid-Atlantic regions? Preventive Maintenance Medical Inc. is a distributor for Electro-Steam generators in central Ohio. Electro-Steam offers many units that are ideal for steam sterilization in hospitals, surgery centers, labs, pharmaceutical production and custom applications.

Depending on whether you need integral models or stand-alone units, these generators come with either stainless steel electrical boxes or complete stainless steel cabinets.

  • Adjustable pressure controls
  • Safety valves
  • Automatic low-water cutoffs
  • Wide range of voltages
  • Configured for any application that requires electrically-generating steam
  • Outfitted to power one machine or a whole department

If you want to buy an Electro-Steam generator in the Midwest, Ohio-Valley, or Mid-Atlantic region, Preventive Maintenance Medical Inc. sells Electro-Steam generators because they are high-quality, reliable, and made in the USA. Contact us today for more information.